What Does Eva Speak About?

  1. Finding FLOW (Courage, Openness, & Optimism)

  2. Let FLOW Lead (Intuition, Service, & Collaboration)

  3. Crazy Town (Mindfulness)

Motivate. Learn. Grow.

First MOTIVATE, then the student will LEARN. What follows? …They will discover the light they need within themselves to GROW.

Eva has been speaking on stages since she was 19 years-old in the late nineties. She began as a co-host of the #1 ranked morning show in a city of 200,000 people. From there she was a key note speaker at D.A.R.E. graduations and high school motivational assemblies. Through her nonprofit, she has educated thousands of high school and college students at school wide assemblies around the subject of HIV/AIDS. Eva began sharing her theories of FLOW to audiences of young people since 2018 and began a podcast in 2019. Today, Eva speaks about how we can live in flow, as individuals, small groups and larger communities.

Keynotes Include:

Finding FLOW: Lessons learned from serving HIV impacted youth

This topic is ideal for young people, entrepreneurs, and women. Participants will learn techniques for finding and living in a state of flow through narrative stories based in courage, openness, and optimism, and leave motivated to make a difference in their own life and in the life of others.


1) How courage and vulnerability build self-esteem and community

2) Increasing openness towards others leads to more joy and improved quality of life

3) Looking for the good in any situation increases ones optimism leading to life longevity

Let FLOW Lead: Live with purpose, meaning and no regrets

This topic is aimed at Millennial’s, Gen Z, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers. Participants will see how utilizing their own strengths, talents, and interests maximizes potential and purpose, and discover the aim of filling needs through open collaborations lead to increased quality of life personally and professionally.


1) Utilizing ones own intuition and discernment leads to synchronicities and increased joy

2) Filling a need leads to a life of deeper meaning and fulfillment

3) Creative collaborations lead to increased flow and successful project outcomes

Crazy Town: Navigating the chaos of life towards more flow

This topic, ideal for young adults, students, leaders, and decision-makers, introduces the concept of “Crazy Town” and what happens when we lose control of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions creating experiences of chaos. Participants will learn techniques to approach the challenges they will face personally and professionally, so they can live with increased flow leading to an improved quality of life.


1) A framework for recognizing and responding to the challenges that spring up in life

2) How to respond to the inner critic with love and courage to increase ones daily flow

3) How to avoid being triggered by other people’s reactions and responses to challenges