The Magic in Flow

The Magic in Flow

The Magic in Flow is written for anyone at a crossroads in life that feels confused, overwhelmed, disconnected, or stuck. If you don't know what direction to go or how to make the next move with confidence & a deep sense of trust - drop the struggle and sink into the words of spiritual explorer and self-leadership coach, Eva Payne as she guides you practically through the transformation of flow.

Eva Payne believes that humans are designed to live in flow. Through her own experiences, insights, and "ah-ha" moments from her personal journey, Eva captures the magic of flow on these pages. She offers you easy to implement tools to navigate life's transitions with more ease. You'll see how a path is unfolding for your evolution and understand how to trust the spark of new beginnings.

At any given moment, you get to choose between flowing toward joy or away from it. The Magic in Flow offers you a collection of ideas to better navigate changes and challenges you inevitably encounter on life's journey. Magic is possible when you choose to learn & live in flow.

From the Author:

Through this book, I believe you will reconnect to yourself. You may not know it, but you are on a vision quest. Let’s take a journey into the next phase of your life and open your mind and heart to insight that will be tools to creating a life you love. You picked up this book because you are ready. There is divine timing in all things. As you read the varying ideas, this book will deliver the following:

  1. You will feel validated. You are not alone in your struggles.

  2. You will be offered fresh ideas, a new perspective to view life through, and ways to lay a foundation of love and joy as you move into the next chapter.

  3. You will cultivate a desire to have more intentions in this chapter of life - living with clarity of what you can do today so that you build a future aligned with your heart's deepest desires.

  4. You will feel motivation, ease, and safety to move forward, even in the unknowingness of what is next.

  5. The ideas and stories will spark ah-ha moments in you, which you can use to let go of any leftover baggage, follow a dream, or simply be okay with today and where things are right now.

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